Seasonal Service Issues To Check On Your Vehicle

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When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, you have to be ready to handle the seasonal service issues that can affect its performance. At Greenway Mazda, you can give your vehicle certified Mazda service that will keep your vehicle in top shape. If you are located in the Houston, Texas area, be sure to visit us today.

Seasonal Service Care 

Over the course of the year, there are various issues that can impact the performance of your vehicle. One of the best ways to keep your vehicle in top shape is to perform a seasonal check on certain parts of your vehicle. These seasonal checks will go a long way in keeping your vehicle in top shape and preventing costly repairs.

Winter vehicle care

During the winter, your vehicle should have its heating system checked to ensure that your cabin is comfortable during freezing weather. With a heating inspection, a Mazda-trained technician will make sure that there is enough warm air blowing through the vents. Also, the defroster will be checked to ensure that the vehicle has proper visibility.

Also, you may need to switch your summer tires to winter tires to ensure proper control on the road. During the winter, your vehicle may have to deal with freezing rain and possible ice build-up that can lead to challenging driving conditions. Finally, your vehicle’s brakes should be checked for proper stopping power.

Spring vehicle care 

When spring comes, it is time to clean and detail your vehicle to ensure that any deposits from winter driving are removed from your vehicle. During the winter months, your vehicle can experience deposit build-up that can lead to corrosion to some of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle.

The spring is a good time to have your vehicle’s air, engine, and oil filter changed. At this time, a Mazda-trained technician should take the time to take a look at your vehicle’s belts, spark plugs, and oil level to ensure that the vehicle is in proper running order.

Summer vehicle care 

During the summer, you should have your vehicle’s AC system checked to ensure that it is blowing cold air. An AC check will include a look at the vehicle’s air filter. If the air filter is dirty, then it should be changed in order to provide airflow into the cabin.

Also, you should switch out your winter tires to summer tires to give your vehicle better fuel economy and performance. By switching out your winter tires, you will also be able to save on tread wear which will allow you to use those winter tires again next year.

Fall vehicle care 

When the fall arrives, you will want to check your vehicle’s wiper blades to ensure that they are in top shape. During the summer months, there is plenty of rain in the Houston, TX area. This could lead to rubber wear of less effective performance from your vehicle’s wiper blades.

Also, the Fall is a good time to have your vehicle’s battery inspected for any signs of corrosion. A Mazda-trained technician will be able to perform a visual as well as a diagnostic inspection of your vehicle’s battery.

Finally, you will want to have your vehicle’s brake pads checked for any sign of excessive wear. During the summer months, you may do more driving than usual which could lead to brake pad wear.

Why should now ignore seasonal service issues

Your vehicle has to experience unique challenges with each season. This could cause some particular stress to specific parts of your vehicle. This type of wear could lead to more expensive repairs down the road. While some of these seasonal issues can be resolved on your own, you should make sure that you have a certified Mazda mechanic check your vehicle each season to detect issues that you may have overlooked.

Seasonal service care in Houston, TX

Get top seasonal service for your vehicle at Greenway Mazda! You can schedule your vehicle’s appointment over the phone or online. Don’t have time to schedule an appointment? Simply stop by, and we can service your vehicle with no appointment. Our service center team is always ready to assist you.

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