Healthcare Worker FREE Oil Change Information

Healthcare Worker FREE Oil Change Eligibility

Program Period: 4/16/20 – 6/1/2020

Eligible Vehicles- All eligible Healthcare Worker’s vehicles receiving an oil change during the program period for most standard make/model passengers cars, crossovers, and SUV’s.

Ineligible Vehicles – Excludes exotic vehicles, classic car vehicles, off road vehicles, certain high-performance vehicles, and vehicle with greater than 8-quart engine oil capacity or any other vehicle with special manufacturer requirements or that require specialized tools or training. There is a limit of one (1) oil change and car wash/ special cleaning per person per program period for the Mazda Essential Car Care Healthcare Worker incentive.

Residency Eligibility: All U.S. residents

Eligible Customers: Customers eligible for the Mazda Essential Car Care Healthcare Worker Service Incentive are all active employees working in an Eligible Medical Facility (defined below).

This offer is NOT transferrable (within household or otherwise).Eligible Medical Facilities for the purpose of this incentive program include:

Hospitals, Urgent Care, Surgical Centers, Birth Centers
Healthcare Providers, Doctor Offices, Medical Clinics, Medical Offices, Medical Centers, Medical Facilities, Health Systems
Mental Health Providers and Addiction Treatment CentersMedical Testing Facilities, Imaging and Radiology Centers
Assisted Living, Long-Term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospice Homes, Adult Care Homes, Home Health Agencies
Public Health Agencies
Medical Laboratory and Research Centers
Medical Equipment Providers
Orthopedic and other Rehabilitation Centers (Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, etc)
Blood Banks
Telehealth Providers

Special Cleaning: In addition to the dealer’s standard car wash, participating dealers agree to adhere to CDC and local guidelines to help ensure the safety of he dealership employees and customers and will provide a car wash plus EXTRA cleaning of High Touched Surfaces of the customer’s car using MAZDA AND EPS APPROVED CLEANERs as detailed in the program launch guide and best practice document.

High Touched Surfaces: High Touched Surfaces are defined as follows: all surfaces of the exterior driver’s door handle; driver’s inside door panel and grab handles, steering wheel, including wiper, lighting controls and other switches;shifter, hood release, dash, instrument panel and center console area;vehicle keys.

Proof of Eligibility: One copy of each of the following documents in required or redemption and must be kept on file. All federal,state and local laws, rules and regulations concerning the privacy and safeguarding of such information must be adhered to:

1. A copy of the repair order must be attached
2. A copy of documentation that clearly reflects proof of occupation. Examples of documentation include:
a. Healthcare workers pay stub, Current business license, Articles of Incorporation, K-1 of most recent business tax return, or full business tax return, showing proof of employment of a healthcare facility, workplace badges accompanied by proper ID
b. State license of training from previous year, or an ID card with name and title
3. A copy of the customers current drivers’s license.